Permanent staff

Professor Dr.-Ing. Emmanuel C. Tatakis, Director
Associate Professor Dr.-Ing. Joya Kappatou
Assistant Professor Dr.-Eng. Epaminondas Mitronikas
Dr.-Ing Athanasios N. Safacas, Emeritus Professor

Technical Staff: Konstantinos Petrou


A number of 15 Ph.D. Students deals with research work in the laboratory Graduate students of Electrical and Computer Engineering School of Patras University or other equal schools are working on their diploma project in L.EM.E.C. The number of students varies from time to time from five to fifteen. Each one of these projects usually has experimental orientation leading in the construction of a integrated device capable of working as a fully functional prototype. L.EM.E.C holds a collection of many devices of this kind constructed since 1976. There are other diploma projects composing scientific essays or reports. Every diploma project is considered as complete after the student's authorship of a book-like thesis kept in L.EM.E.C library. In the same library one can find also the Ph.D. dissertation volumes of each one graduate Ph.D. student.