The ELMEC Lab belongs to the Electrical Power Systems Division of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras. Students’ education, training and mentoring has always been at the forefront of our work. 

The courses organized by the ELMEC Lab have an average of 4 hours/week in-class lectures and 2 hours/week practical laboratory exercises. As a result, our students can successfully bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing them not only to study, but also to design integrated electromechanical energy conversion systems. Such systems consist of electrical machines, inverters, electrical drives and automatic control systems. Sophisticated software (Matlab/Simulink, LTSpice etc.) is employed for the efficient experimental simulation and study of complicated circuits.

Undergraduate Courses 

Course NameCourse CodeSemesterLecturer(s)
Electrical MachinesECE_Υ6236thEmmanuel Tatakis 
Epameinondas Mitronikas
Georgios Kampitsis (Lab)
Power Electronics IECE_ΒΚ705   7thEmmanuel Tatakis
Power Electronics IIECE_ΒΚ8098th Emmanuel Tatakis
Electric Motor Drive Systems IECE_ΒΚ7067th Epameinondas Mitronikas 
Electric Motor Drive Systems IIECE_ΒΚ8088thEpameinondas Mitronikas
Analysis and Design of Electrical Machines with Finite ElementsECE_ΒΚ9059thEpameinondas Mitronikas
Power Electronics with Modern Semiconductor Technologies 9thGeorgios Kampitsis
Advanced Control of Electrical MachinesECE_ΒΚ9029thAntonios Alexandridis
Epameinondas Mitronikas

Interdepartmental Master's Program:  Green Energy, Smart Technologies and Management Strategies

Course NameCourse NumberSemesterLecturer(s)
Controlled Power Converters in Distributed GenerationMGP_2032ndEmmanuel Tatakis
Epaminondas Mitronikas
Georgios Kampitsis
Antonios Alexandridis
Georgios Konstantopoulos