Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory

In the Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory (ELMEC Lab) we invest in education and research towards a carbon-free future with more efficient renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility. Since its establishment in 1974, the core research direction of ELMEC Lab has been power electronics and motor drive systems, both of which are integral, and often times inseparable parts of contemporary energy conversion systems.

Our primary interest involves the design, development, and control of power electronics topologies and dive systems (in the multi-kW range) for several state-of the art applications including but not limited to: solar power, wind turbine generators, energy storage systems, and two-/four-wheeler electric vehicles.


Power Electronics

Topologies analysis, design and development

Inovative control techniques 

High power density converter design

High Efficiency 



Motor Drive Systems 








Electric Machines


Finite Element Analysis



Renewable Energy 

Grid-connected distributed energy sources 

Centralized and Micro-converter Photovoltaic systems

Wind turbine generators

Fuel cells

Ancillary services



Wide Band Gap Devices for Power Electronics 

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductors 

Silicon Carbide Semiconductors 

Device Characterization